Past Attendee Comments

Donna Druchunas

Dear Donna–I just got home from visiting my son (and WEBS!), and wanted to send a quick hello and a huge thank-you for the weekend retreat.  It was so wonderful to get to work with you and Heather and Amy, so intensively and for so many hours, over the weekend.  I couldn’t get over how generous you were–with your library, with information, ideas and encouragement.

Also, what a delight to receive your lovely “goody bags”–that yummy Malabrigo, plus the most excellent Moleskin journal and wonderful pen!  I didn’t have the courage to break open the journal, at the retreat–it seems like the sort of thing that invites intense focus, and I look forward to exploring what that format has to teach!

Please pass along my thanks to Dom for all his fetching of meals, etc.  It was a pleasure to meet him.  And thanks to whichever of you made the arrangements for our stay at Potter Manor.  We had a cozy time there, and Ruth was great.

I managed to sign up for the online class today–but I have a nagging feeling that I somehow sidestepped actually paying for it.  Let me know if I’ve done another electronic do-se-do…

Thanks again, Donna–I’m already missing my daily intake of mountain views!

Thank you for an amazing few days. I so very much enjoyed our time with you. You are an amazing person and a wonderful mentor to those of us who share the passion of knitting. It really is amazing how small the world becomes when there is a common link like knitting.
I do hope our paths cross again. Please let me know if you will be at any knitting events in the Toronto area; I would love to knit with you over a glass of wine again. – Attendee
Donna’s teaching style and responsiveness to the participants needs and questions. The group was awesome – group size was ideal – more than 9 would have been to frenzied in the dye studio and too crowded in Donna’s classroom. As far as recommendations to friends – I would ABSOLUTELY recommend one of Donna’s books, classes, workshops, retreats….. – Attendee
Donna was amazing, I don’t think I had ever really thought through left and right leaning decreases and she made it all make sense. Perhaps I can do away with the Post-it notes indicating what symbol is K2tog and which is ssk. – Attendee
I loved the sessions with Donna. She has an amazing calm peaceful way about her that supports learners learning. The interactions with the other attendees as well as the trip to the alpaca farm were also highlights of the retreat. The location and time of year was perfect. I would encourage you not to get cable tv – without the tv we were far more interactive with each and really got to know our fellow housemates. – Attendee